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Specializing in insulation composite solutions!

architecture and construction

Architecture Construction


Firefighting Safety


Personal Protective

Automotive Solutions

Automotive Solutions

insulated hvac duct

Insulated HVAC Duct

pipe insulation

Pipe Insulation

Smoke Control

Smoke Control

foundry insulation

Foundry Insulation

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Welcome to WT

Professional Thermal Insulation Products Manufacturer

Welcome to WT, the embodiment of expertise in aluminum foil laminated materials. We proudly specialize in top-grade Aluminized Fabric and Duct Insulation Boards, crafted for optimal performance across diverse applications. 

Our commitment to innovation, underpinned by globally recognized certifications, ensures our products meet stringent safety and quality standards. We don’t just manufacture; we shape the future of composite materials with a unique blend of technology and sustainability. Experience the WT difference, where professionalism meets product excellence.

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With extensive industry knowledge, our team brings unmatched expertise to every project. Count on our experience to provide efficient and reliable insulation solutions.


Get personalized insulation solutions that meet your exact specifications. Our experienced team delivers reliable and tailored products for your specific requirements.


Our insulation materials hold multiple certifications, ensuring compliance with industry standards. Trust our certified quality for safe and reliable insulation products.

Why Choose Us

Competitive Price

WT provides the most competitive prices for global customers to ensure the rapid growth of your business

Excellent Quality

WT strictly follows the ISO9001 quality management system to ensure excellent and stable quality.

Fast Delivery

WT has established 75+ freight lines around the world to ensure delivery for you

Professional Service

WT has pre-sales, after-sales, technical teams, 7/24 to solve all problems for you.

What our Customer Say

" We have cooperated with WT for more than 10 years. Our company has high requirements for products, and WT has met our requirements very well. Their certificates are really complete, and product quality control is very strict. "

Poly Dem KCC Construction Co., Ltd.

" WT's foil fabrics are the best I've come across, I've checked both the coating and the base fabric and they fully meet the fire standards I need. "

Robin Ton Berman Flame Protection co.

" I purchased a batch of heat reflective materials from WT. My field is very special, but unexpectedly, the product at this price meets my requirements very well. I will go to WT to establish a long-term cooperation. relation. "

Magar Faw unwilling to disclose

Our Latest News

Makes and Models

Heat Proof Material: Products & Applications

Heat Proof Material: Products & Applications

Heat-proof material! insulation board,fireproof board,fiberglass. They are trustworthy and keeping us cool and safe.

Heat Resistant Material List

Heat Resistant Material List

Amidst blazing challenges, a hero rises: heat resistant material. With unmatched heat resistance, temperature defiance, and corrosion resilience, it stands tall.

What Are Some Heat Proof Materials

What Are Some Heat Proof Materials

Explore a wide range of heat-proof materials designed to withstand extreme temperatures. From fire-resistant fabrics to ceramic coatings and high-temperature insulation, discover essential solutions for industrial, automotive, and construction applications. Ensure safety and durability in high-heat environments with our comprehensive selection of materials.

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