Insulated HVAC Duct

Insulated HVAC Duct

The heating, ventilation and air–conditioning (HVAC) industry is in the midst of a dynamic era. However, air–distribution ductwork,a critical component of HVAC systems, has remained virtually unchanged since the early 1900s.Several factors have introduced the need to revolutionize HVAC ductwork. 

Energy use has continued to escalate, and thus the demand for energy reducing solutions has intensified.Requirements for clean air are becoming increasingly prevalent.

Core Insulation and Duct Structure:

Phenolic Board:

Given its low thermal conductivity and flame-retardant properties, phenolic boards are widely used as the core insulation material in HVAC duct panels.

WT’s phenolic duct board composite insulation boards, especially those with aluminum foil or color steel, enhance the duct’s thermal performance, making it suitable for central air-conditioning and ventilation systems in various buildings.

indoor application

Sealing and Vapor Barriers:

Aluminum Foil Tape:

Essential for sealing the seams of aluminum foil composite materials in ductwork, ensuring an airtight system.

Aluminum Foil Tape Helps in maintaining the insulation performance of the duct and prevents moisture intrusion, which could lead to mold growth or reduced insulation efficacy.

Air Duct Bonding - Application of Aluminum Foil Tape

Fire Protection and Safety:

Magnesium oxide fireproof board (MGO BOARD):

In HVAC systems where fire resistance is a priority, MGO boards can be integrated into duct constructions, offering both insulation and fire protection.

Their non-combustible nature ensures that, in the event of a fire, the spread of flames and smoke within the HVAC system is minimized.

Duct Board Sheet (Double Sided Steel)

In modern HVAC systems, efficient thermal performance, air quality, and safety are paramount. WT’s insulation products provide comprehensive solutions for these requirements, ensuring energy-efficient, safe, and high-performing HVAC installations.

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