Radiant Heat Insulation

Radiant Heat Insulation

Radiant heat, which is heat transferred without direct contact (like sunlight), poses unique challenges in insulation. However, with WT’s products, these challenges are effectively met, providing solutions that span across industries and diverse applications.

By reflecting and mitigating the impact of radiant heat, these materials ensure both efficiency and safety.

Radiant Heat Insulation Applications and Relevant Products:

Building and Roofing Insulation:

Aluminum foil glass fiber cloth:

Used in the creation of radiant barrier systems for buildings. When installed in attics or walls, these barriers can reflect radiant heat, ensuring the indoor space remains cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

The aluminum foil’s high light reflectivity is instrumental in reflecting the sun’s radiant energy, while the glass fiber cloth adds structural strength and additional insulation.

High-Temperature Equipment and Machinery:

Aluminum foil tape:

Often utilized to wrap high-temperature equipment, ducts, or piping to reflect radiant heat away. This ensures not only the efficiency of the machinery but also the safety of nearby workers.

Automotive and Aerospace:

Aluminum foil tape and aluminum foil fiberglass tape:

These are used in vehicles and aircraft to insulate components exposed to high radiant heat, like near engines or exhaust systems. They ensure these components remain protected, prolonging their lifespan and maintaining their efficiency.

Specialized Clothing and Protective Wear:

Aluminum foil glass fiber cloth:

Utilized to produce heat protection work clothes for workers exposed to environments with high radiant heat, such as in foundries or during specific welding processes.

Outdoor Equipment:

Aluminum foil tape:

Tents or outdoor equipment designed for extreme weather conditions might incorporate this tape. Its reflective properties can help manage internal temperatures by reflecting radiant heat from the sun, making conditions more comfortable for occupants.

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