Personal Protective

Within the realm of personal protective equipment, WT has cultivated a sophisticated array of materials for personal protection following extensive research and solution delivery over the years.

Personal Protective
Aluminum Foil Shade Cloth

Personal Protective Equipment

Aluminum foil fiberglass textile is employed in personal protective gear (PPE), particularly in high-temperature shielding attire. This material reflects radiant heat and offers exceptional thermal resistance, rendering it well-suited for fire proximity ensembles, mitts, and smocks utilized in metal smelting, foundry tasks, and firefighting settings.

aluminum insulation tape
Air Duct Bonding - Application of Aluminum Foil Tape
Duct Sealing - Application of Aluminum Foil Tape
Duct Sealing 2 - Application of Aluminum Foil Tape

Personal Protective Equipment

In the domain of personal protective equipment, foil tape is employed to seal seams in thermal shielding attire or space suits. Aluminum foil tape guarantees the preservation of the thermal and moisture barricade, a crucial aspect in both elevated temperature and vacuum surroundings.

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