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From thermal insulation to wire harness protection, WT has rich industry experience and solutions.

Automotive Manufacturing
Aluminum Foil Wire Harness Tape
Application Diagram of Aluminum Foil Wire Harness Tape
car engine wire harness tape
wire harness tape

Wiring And Electrical Insulation:

Aluminum foil fiberglass harness tape protects automotive wiring by reflecting heat, resisting physical impacts and chemical corrosion, and offering fire resistance, ensuring the safety and stability of electrical systems.

aluminum foil fiberglass cloth 3784 flame retardant aluminum film
Car heat shields
heat shield under a car
Fixed heat shields

Automotive Heat Shield

Aluminum foil fiberglass fabric is utilized in the automotive industry for its excellent thermal resistance (up to 550°C) and durability. It serves as a heat shield in engine compartments and along exhaust systems, protecting components from extreme heat and potential damage, thereby enhancing vehicle reliability and safety.

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