Foundry Insulation

Foundry Insulation

In the Foundry industry, maintaining optimal insulation is a critical yet challenging task. Issues such as heat loss, energy inefficiency, and compliance with safety regulations often pose significant hurdles. These challenges can impact not only the operational efficiency but also the safety and sustainability of foundry operations.

As a leading manufacturer, we offer a range of UL181 certified products, specifically designed to address these insulation challenges in the Foundry industry. By choosing WT, customers can navigate the complexities of Foundry insulation, leveraging our superior quality products and deep industry expertise.

Foundry Insulation and Relevant Products:

High-Temperature Insulation:

Aluminum foil glass fiber cloth:

Aluminum foil glass fiber cloth, one of WT’s flagship products, has a myriad of applications in Foundry Insulation. Its superior vertical and horizontal tensile strength, excellent airtightness, and water resistance make it an ideal protective layer in foundry processes. One of its standout features is its heat-reflective property, which allows it to reflect a significant portion of radiant heat, thereby maintaining optimal temperatures and substantially reducing heat loss. This ensures a more energy-efficient and cost-effective operation.

Beyond its application in foundry processes, this versatile material also finds use in crafting protective garments. For foundry workers often exposed to intense heat, these garments provide an essential safety shield, thereby contributing to a safer work environment.


Heat Containment and Protective Barriers:

Aluminum foil tape (especially aluminum foil fiberglass tape):

Aluminum foil tape, with a special mention to our aluminum foil fiberglass tape, serves as a crucial component for Heat Containment and Protective Barriers within the Foundry Insulation industry. These tapes are specifically designed for sealing and insulating a variety of high-temperature equipment prevalent in foundries, including furnaces and molds.

Their application ensures a consistent temperature maintenance, thereby enhancing the efficiency of these crucial foundry components. What sets these tapes apart is their ability to form an effective heat barrier. They protect both equipment and operators from potential heat damage, reducing energy waste and contributing to a safer, more efficient work environment.

smoke control

Molds and Core Box Insulation:

Phenolic board:

Phenolic boards, known for their low thermal conductivity and excellent heat preservation properties, play a pivotal role in Molds and Core Box Insulation within the Foundry Insulation industry.

These boards are specifically utilized for insulating molds and core boxes, thereby ensuring a uniform temperature distribution, a critical factor in the casting process. Their unique properties contribute to the precision and quality of the casting, making them an indispensable component in foundry operations.

Display of wall insulation panels of different thicknesses

Fire Resistance and Safety:

Magnesium oxide fireproof board (MGO BOARD):

In the high-temperature, flame-intensive environment of foundries, the Magnesium Oxide Fireproof Board, or MGO BOARD, emerges as a critical element for Fire Resistance and Safety. This fire-resistant board is an essential construction material employed for crafting various barriers or partitions within foundry settings.

Due to its non-combustible nature, MGO BOARD provides an additional layer of safety, significantly reducing the risk of fire spread in this highly flammable environment.


Foundries operate under extreme temperatures, making insulation and fire resistance paramount. WT’s products provide robust solutions that uphold the rigorous safety standards of the foundry industry while ensuring operational efficiency.

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