Foundry Insulation

Foundry Insulation

Foundry Insulation and Relevant Products:

High-Temperature Insulation:

Aluminum foil glass fiber cloth:

Given its high vertical and horizontal tensile strength, airtightness, and water resistance, this cloth can be used as a protective layer in foundry processes to maintain optimal temperatures and prevent heat loss.

It can also be utilized in the manufacture of protective garments for workers exposed to intense heat, ensuring safety.

Heat Containment and Protective Barriers:

Aluminum foil tape (especially aluminum foil fiberglass tape):

These tapes can be used to seal and insulate various high-temperature equipment in the foundry, such as furnaces and molds, ensuring consistent temperature maintenance and efficiency.

They offer an effective barrier against heat, protecting equipment and operators from heat damage and reducing energy wastage.

Molds and Core Box Insulation:

Phenolic board:

Given its low thermal conductivity and heat preservation properties, phenolic boards can be used to insulate molds and core boxes. This ensures uniform temperature distribution, essential for casting processes.

Fire Resistance and Safety:

Magnesium oxide fireproof board (MGO BOARD):

In foundries, where high temperatures and open flames are commonplace, the fire-resistant nature of MGO boards makes them an essential construction material for certain barriers or partitions. Their non-combustible nature ensures added safety in a highly flammable environment.

Foundries operate under extreme temperatures, making insulation and fire resistance paramount. WT’s products provide robust solutions that uphold the rigorous safety standards of the foundry industry while ensuring operational efficiency.


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