fire fighting

Fire Protection Clothing and Equipment:

Aluminum foil glass fiber cloth: Can be employed as a primary material for creating firefighting suits and uniforms which require resistance to extreme temperatures and flames while ensuring mobility.

Fire Containment in Buildings:

Magnesium oxide fireproof board (MGO BOARD): Can be utilized to construct fire-resistant barriers or walls in buildings. These barriers prevent the spread of fire from one compartment or area to another, ensuring more time for evacuation and firefighting efforts.

Fire Doors: MGO boards also find application in the construction of fire doors, which are pivotal in resisting the spread of fire and smoke within a building.

Fire-resistant HVAC Systems:

Phenolic board: These boards are perfect for crafting parts of HVAC systems in buildings, ensuring they don’t easily catch or spread fire, making air distribution systems safer.

Aluminum foil tape: Especially versions with flame retardant glue, can be used for sealing HVAC systems in fire-prone areas, reducing the risk of fires spreading through ducting.

Fire Protection Curtains and Blankets:

Aluminum foil glass fiber cloth: Given its heat and flame resistance properties, this cloth can be used to create fire protection curtains and blankets. These barriers can contain fires in specific zones, such as theaters or auditoriums, preventing its spread and providing an initial flame shield.

Equipment and Tool Sealing:

Aluminum foil tape (flame retardant versions): Can be used to seal equipment and devices in firefighting contexts. This ensures flame retardant properties in tools or compartments used in firefighting operations.

Fire-resistant Flooring and Ceilings:

Magnesium oxide fireproof board (MGO BOARD): Given their fire-resistant nature, these boards can be employed in crafting floors and ceilings in areas where high fire resistance is imperative.


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