Phenolic Duct Board

WT’s high-performance phenolic duct boards, designed for pre insulated ductwork systems.

Available in thicknesses of 10 mm (0.4 inches) to 30 mm (1.2 inches), WT’s phenolic duct board is UL 181 certified, meeting the rigorous fire and smoke resistance benchmarks of ASTM E84 and NFPA 90a with a 25/50 rating.

Lightweight and easy to install, phenolic duct panels are an ideal choice for enhancing the safety and efficiency of HVAC systems.


Customized Thickness

Various thicknesses from 10mm to 30mm (0.4 inches to 1.2 inches)


Customized Surface

Aluminum foil, steel, galvanized steel, cement Fabric


Abrasion Resistance

WT’s air duct panels can choose surface composite materials to improve abrasion resistance

phenolic foam duct board

UL181 Approved


Fire Resistant

UL181 fire resistance rating


Water Proof

93% closed cell structure Water vapor transmission rate <0.2 cfm/ft²


Wide Range

WT offers a variety of product options designed to meet a wide range of applications


phenolic foam duct board Features

Thermal Performance

At 25℃, the thermal conductivity is 0.03 W/mK

  • Test Standard: ASTM-C-518

Air Leakage Rate

<0.2 cfm/ft² , 2 inches water column (w.g.)


  • Test Standard: SMACNA 2

resistant to moisture

Water vapor transmission < 0.4 grains/hr•ft²

  • Test Standard: ASTM E96/E96M

Highly Resistant

Mold Growth Rate: 0
Test Environment: 27°C (80°F)
Test Duration: 28 Days

  • Test Standard: Astm D3273

Weight Savings

The unit weight of WT’s phenolic foam duct board is 50-65 Kg/m³ (3.1215 to 4.05795 lb/ft^3).

The phenolic foam duct board is used as the lining of the pre insulated duct, which can significantly reduce the load-bearing capacity of the insulated duct unit and save space.

High Efficiency

WT’s phenolic foam air duct insulation board is pre-insulated, so there is no need to leave additional insulation space.

Thanks to the light weight of Phenolic foam panel, the product is very easy to install. WT also provides product installation training and technical support to help you complete the project more efficiently.

Custom Surface Options

WT provides a variety of surface options for duct panel products to facilitate adaptation to various types of insulated metal ductwork systems.
The surfaces provided by WT include: aluminum foil, sheet metal, galvanized steel plate, cement fabric

Aluminum Foil


Galvanized Steel

Cement Fabric


  • Thicknesses: 20mm (0.79″), 25mm (0.98″), 30mm (1.18″); custom options.

  • Durability: Tensile >1.1MPa (160 psi), Compressive >0.18MPa (26 psi).

  • Sizes: 2000×1200mm (78.74×47.24″) to 4000×1200mm (157.48×47.24″); custom sizes.

  • Air leakage: <1.2%, up to 15M/s (49.21 ft/s) airflow.

  • Aluminum foil: 0.025 to 0.08 mm (0.00098 to 0.00315″).

  • Insulation: R-value 0.86 m^2K/W (4.88 ft^2°F·hr/BTU), conductivity 0.019-0.02 W/(m·K) (0.011-0.0115 Btu/(ft·hr·°F)).

  • Safety: Smoke <9, no toxic emissions, formaldehyde <0.5 mg/L (0.5 ppm).

  • Moisture absorption: <3.7%.

  • Temperature stability: -150℃ to 150℃ (-238°F to 302°F), <2% change at 70±2℃ (158±3.6°F) over 48 hrs.

  • Fire resistance: >1.5 hours, A-rated.

Phenolic composite air duct
Air conditioning duct installation diagram

Phenolic Composite Air Duct System Display

  1. Air conditioning units   
  2. Device soft connection
  3. Inspection hole
  4. Air supply static pressure box
  5. Aluminum protective disc
  6. Reinforcement rod        
  7. Fireproof connection
  8. Wall bushing protection
  9. Flexible air duct
  10. Branch pipe connection flange system
  11. Air volume regulating valve
  12. Installed on the side wall of the air duct grille air outlet
  13. Reinforcement ring
  14. Air outlet connection flange system
  15. Foil tape
  16. Sealants
  17. Adhesive
  18. Suspension device
  19. flange
  20. air duct
  21. Waterproofing


WT’s phenolic duct board is an advanced construction industry solution for air duct board insulation, offering superior insulation and energy efficiency.

Designed for both new builds and retrofits, phenolic foam air duct board fits perfectly with its customizable dimensions and minimal energy loss features.

Phenolic foam air duct board robust thermal properties and low air leakage enhance pre-insulated metal ductwork system performance, cutting energy costs.

Aluminum foil surface battles heat and moisture, ensuring durability, while the high fire resistance and low toxin emission prioritize safety. Lightweight and easy to install, this eco-friendly option is ideal for efficient, long-lasting ductwork.

Our phenolic duct board is tailor-made for duct fabrication, offering a streamlined and efficient solution for creating high-performance insulated rigid ductwork.

Phenolic foam air duct insulation board‘s lightweight yet durable design ensures easy handling and quick installation, making it a preferred choice for fabricators. The board’s customizable dimensions allow for precise fits in diverse HVAC systems, accommodating both standard and unique layouts. With excellent thermal insulation and minimal air leakage, it significantly enhances the energy efficiency of air duct systems. The board’s aluminum foil surface provides additional moisture and heat resistance, extending the lifespan of the ductwork.

Ideal for both commercial and residential projects, phenolic duct board merges safety, durability, and eco-friendliness, setting a new standard in duct fabrication.

Our phenolic duct board is tailored for industrial HVAC systems, delivering unmatched insulation efficiency and durability.

It excels in demanding environments, ensuring optimal thermal management and energy savings. With its strong resistance to air leakage, it significantly enhances HVAC performance, maintaining consistent temperatures and air quality. The board’s ability to withstand extreme temperatures and resist moisture makes it a reliable choice for industrial settings. Its fire safety features and low emission rates add a layer of protection.

Easy to install and maintain, this phenolic duct board is the go-to solution for industrial HVAC applications demanding high performance and safety.

Elevate central air systems with our board; it locks in cool air, slashes energy use, and saves money.

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