Heat shielding: Prevent high temperature, radiant heat, flame, sparks and high heat molten metal from splashing.
aluminum fabric

Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Fabric

WT’s aluminum fabric is resistant to abrasion, high temperatures, and has excellent heat reflectivity, ensuring safe protection in extreme conditions.

WT offers a range of options in terms of thickness, size, and type for aluminum fabric. Aluminum foil can be combined not only with fiberglass fabric(aluminum fiberglass fabric) but also with aramid fabric and expanded fabric.

Aluminized fabrics find extensive applications in metal casting, industrial safety apparel for the glass industry, protective clothing, and heat shields utilized in high heat settings like molding and industrial firefighting operations.


  • Aluminum Foil Thickness Options: 7/14/18/25/36/50 microns
  • Coating Options: Aluminum foil/metalized film/F.R. aluminized
  • Fiberglass Cloth Types: Plain weave/twill weave
  • Aluminum Fiberglass Cloth Weight Options: 95g/sm, 110g/sm, 200g/sm, 430g/sm, FW600, HT2025, HT3784, M24, M30, or as per your requirements
  • Width Options: 1m, 1.2m, 1.3m, 1.5m
  • Length Options: 50m, 100m

Test Methods Standards

Flame Spread Testing: ASTM E84
Convective Heat Testing: ASTM F2700
Radiant Heat Testing: ASTM F1939
Abrasion Resistance Testing: ASTM D3884
Tear Resistance Testing: ASTM D624
Molten Metal Testing: ISO 9185

Structure and Features

WT’s Aluminumized Composite Materials division specializes in the expert fusion of high-performance fabrics with aluminum foil to create advanced composite materials tailored for thermal insulation and reflective applications.

WT provides selections of base fabrics such as glass fiber, aramid, high silica, carbon fiber, and ceramic fiber to meet diverse industry needs.



Aluminum foil composite fiberglass fabric is featuring a meticulous lamination process that bonds aluminum foil to fiberglass fabric. Aluminum foil is renowned for its superior heat reflection capabilities and robust resistance to high temperatures, making it an ideal surface layer for thermal management solutions. However, aluminum fiberglass fabric is inherently limited in tensile strength. 

With its formidable warp and weft tensile strength, the fiberglass fabric compensates for the aluminum foil’s structural limitations, resulting in a composite material that not only retains the reflective and thermal resistance qualities of aluminum but also gains a substantial increase in mechanical resilience.

Aluminum fiberglass fabric demonstrates exceptional performance under extreme thermal conditions. WT’s aluminum foil fiberglass fabric is engineered to withstand continuous temperatures up to 2912°F / 1600°C. It is crucial to note that while the composite can endure such high temperatures overall, the aluminum foil surface is specifically designed to resist temperatures up to 300°F (150°C). Exceeding this threshold on the foil side may compromise the material’s integrity and performance. Conversely, the fiberglass side of the composite maintains its structural stability and insulation properties up to a temperature of 1022℉ (550°C), ensuring reliable and consistent performance within its operational temperature range.


Protects Against Heat, Sparks, Slag, And Molten Metal.


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Heat shields and engine coversAutomotiveProtection from heat, noise reduction
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