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Phenolic Panels​

Aluminum Fabric

Heat Resistance: Up to 550℃.
97% Reflectivity: Efficient energy use.
Customizable: Multiple sizes and weights.

Foil tape

Aluminum Tape

UL181 Certified: 550℃ resistant.
Adhesive Variety: Acrylic to flame-retardant.
Multi-Use: Sealing, bonding, shielding.

Phenolic Panels​

Phenolic Panels​

UL181 Certified: Up to 180°C. Customizable: 20-220 mm thick. Insulating: 0.019 W/(m·K) conductivity.

mgo board

MGO Board

ASTM E84 Certified: 800-1200℃ resistance.
Custom Surfaces: Aluminum or steel.
Strong: ≥3000PA compressive strength.


Our engineered systems team provides custom solutions through integrated design, prototyping, manufacturing and testing services. We can work with you and your team to develop and create custom solutions for any fire, smoke or heat challenge associated with your building, vessel or equipment.


WT's aluminum foil fabrics provide optimal thermal insulation protection for extreme environments.


Phenolic air duct board composite insulation board with aluminum foil or color steel to enhance the thermal performance of the air duct


Utilize the thermal insulation rate and flame retardant properties of phenolic or magnesium oxide to improve the thermal insulation performance of buildings.


Utilize the heat shielding and strength of aluminum foil wiring harness tape to improve vehicle wiring harness insulation performance.

WT Factory

About Us

Founded in 2002, WT Aluminum Foil Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd. has evolved into a premier innovator and manufacturer of thermal insulation composite materials. Situated in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, our transition from a modest beginning to a renowned global enterprise reflects our commitment to excellence. The “WT” brand is celebrated for its quality and reliability, earning accolades both in domestic markets and internationally.


WT offers globally competitive prices, superior quality adhering to ISO9001 standards, swift delivery through 75+ global freight lines, and expert 24/7 service teams.

Superior Quality

Adhering to the ISO9001 system, we ensure unwavering quality.

Expert Service

Our dedicated pre-sales, after-sales, and technical teams are available 24/7 to address all your needs.

Swift Delivery

With 75+ global freight lines, we guarantee timely deliveries.

Competitive Pricing

At WT, we offer globally competitive prices to drive your business growth.

3000+ Customers

Can’T Go Wrong With Their Choice

Klaus Müller

Head of Procurement

Exceptional aluminum foil fabric. A mainstay for our automotive insulation—durable and reliable.

Sofia Rossi

HVAC Operations Manager

WT’s foil tape—strong adhesion, superior heat resistance. Essential for our HVAC systems.

John Carter

Construction Project Lead

Phenolic board from WT is top-tier. Excellent thermal properties. A win for building efficiency.

Ana Garcia

Quality Assurance Director

WT’s magnesium oxide board is unmatched. Fireproof, sturdy—perfect for our construction specs.


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