Applications and Industries

WT’s insulation is widely utilized in various industries, such as air ducts, foundries, shipyards, military projects, construction sites, power generation, and petrochemical plants. Our high-temperature products excel in providing adequate thermal insulation and are specifically designed to meet the demands of your industry or application. Discover how WT’s insulation can help you with your needs by exploring our comprehensive range of high-temperature solutions.


In modern HVAC systems, efficient thermal performance, air quality, and safety are paramount.

Pipe insulation is a critical aspect of any piping system, ensuring efficient operations, energy conservation, and safety.

Smoke control is an essential aspect of modern building design, ensuring that occupants have ample time and safety during evacuations.

Foundries operate under extreme temperatures, making insulation and fire resistance paramount. 


With the rise of contemporary architectural and construction trends, materials that embody innovation, efficiency, and sustainability are in high demand.

NFPA Certified Radiant Heat Protection for Proximity Firefighting

For those working in high-risk environments, having the right protective gear can make all the difference between safety and catastrophe.

The automotive industry requires a balance of performance, safety, and durability. 

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