Exterior Wall Insulation Board

As a professional phenolic panel manufacturer, WT provides various types of phenolic panel products.
Phenolic exterior wall panels (high voltage panels or HPL panels) are part of WT’s phenolic panels product range and offer excellent thermal properties, fire resistance and long-lasting durability.
Available in thicknesses of 30-220 mm, phenolic exterior wall panels are commonly used as architectural exterior panels, wrapping the exterior of a building as a protective shield against the elements while significantly improving energy efficiency, thermal comfort and structural integrity.

phenolic exterior wall panels

Performance Characteristics

  • Thickness: 30-220 mm.
  • Custom sizes to 4000×1200 mm.
  • Aluminum foil: 0.025-0.08 mm.
  • ≥1.1 MPa tensile strength.
  • Core density: 40-60 Kg/m³.
  • ≥0.18 MPa compressive strength.
  • Thermal and safety features:
  • 0.86 m²K/W thermal resistance.
  • 0.019-0.02 W(m/K) conductivity.
  • Heat resistance from -150℃ to 150℃.
  • Oxygen index ≥ 45.
  • Fire resistance > 1.5 hours, Grade A2.
  • Health and environmental standards:
  • ≤0.5 Mg/L formaldehyde.
  • Smoke ≤ 9, no toxic gases.
  • ≤2% dimensional change at 70±2℃/48h.
  • ≤3.7% water absorption.
  • 15 M/s airflow capacity.


– Standard thickness range: 30-220 mm for various walls.
– Custom sizes up to 4000×1200 mm.
– Aluminum foil options: 0.025 to 0.08 mm.

– Tensile strength: ≥1.1 MPa.
– Core density: 40-60 Kg/m³.
– Compressive strength: ≥0.18 MPa.

Thermal Efficiency:
– Thermal resistance: 0.86 m²K/W.
– Conductivity: 0.019-0.02 W(m/K).
– Temperature range: -150℃ to 150℃.

– Oxygen index: ≥ 45.
– Fire resistance: >1.5 hours, Grade A2.
– Formaldehyde: ≤0.5 Mg/L.
– Smoke: ≤ 9, no toxic emissions.

– Stability: ≤2% at 70±2℃ over 48 hours.
– Water absorption: ≤3.7%.
– Maximum airflow: 15 M/s.

WT’s Phenolic Exterior Wall Panels offer advanced construction technology. Designed for protection, they improve energy efficiency and structural stability.

Their effectiveness lies in temperature regulation and energy reduction. As a robust thermal barrier, they contribute to environmental conservation.

These panels also improve aesthetics with various design options. WT’s Phenolic Composite Panels combine appearance and functionality.

Select WT’s Phenolic Exterior Wall Panels for a combination of durability, efficiency, and style. Upgrade your structure with a smart and sturdy solution.

Application diagram of exterior wall insulation board

Exterior wall insulation board application

Exterior wall insulation board installation

Exterior wall insulation board

Exterior wall insulation boards find diverse applications across the construction and building industry. They are widely used in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings to enhance energy efficiency and thermal insulation, thereby reducing heating and cooling costs. These boards contribute to maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures, reducing temperature fluctuations, and increasing overall structural performance. 

Additionally, they play a crucial role in soundproofing, creating quieter indoor environments in noisy areas. Exterior wall insulation boards are integral to green building initiatives, contributing to sustainable construction practices by minimizing energy consumption and environmental impact. Whether in homes, offices, factories, or renovation projects, these boards offer versatile solutions for optimizing comfort, energy efficiency, and sustainability in various building types.


Exterior wall insulation boards are utilized across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors to improve energy efficiency and thermal insulation, leading to lower heating and cooling expenses. They help stabilize indoor temperatures, bolster structural performance, and enhance occupant comfort.

These boards also provide sound insulation, promoting quieter interiors, especially in high-noise zones. They support sustainable construction by reducing energy use and ecological impact. Employed in new builds and renovations, insulation boards are key to boosting comfort, energy savings, and environmental responsibility in diverse structures.

Application diagram of exterior wall insulation board
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