Phenolic Panel (One Side Steel)

Discover the exceptional qualities of our Phenolic Panel (One Side Steel), a versatile and reliable choice for architectural panel systems. With its high-pressure phenolic resin core and one-sided steel construction, this panel offers outstanding strength, fire resistance, and ease of installation. Whether you’re designing wall panels, air ducts, or other building components, our Phenolic Panel delivers optimal performance, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Product Specifications:

Test itemstechnical indicatorsTest itemstechnical indicators
Length/Width (mm)2000×1200,3000×1200,4000×1200 (customizable)Leakage≤1.2%
Core Density50-65 Kg/m3smoke concentration≤9, no toxic gas release
water absorption≤3.7%Dimensional stability≤2% (70±2°C,48h)
Thermal Conductivity0.019-0.02W (m/K)Oxygen Index≥45
heat resistance-150℃~150℃Fire resistance time>1.5h
airflow15M/sFormaldehyde emission≤0.5Mg/L
Compressive strength≥0.18MPaFire-proof levelA
tensile strength≥1.1Mpathermal resistance0.86m2K/W
regular thickness20mm,25mm,30mm(customizable)

Exceptional Strength, Fire Resistance, and Energy Efficiency

Unmatched Strength and Durability

Robust Construction and Reliable Performance

Our Phenolic Panel (One Side Steel) is engineered with a focus on durability and longevity. The panel features a high-pressure phenolic resin core, providing exceptional strength and structural integrity. The one-sided steel construction adds additional reinforcement and protection against external factors, making it an ideal choice for air duct panels that require robustness and long-lasting performance.


Excellent Fire Resistance and Safety

Fireproof Rating and Low Smoke Emission

Safety is paramount in building air conditioning systems, and our Phenolic Panels excels in fire resistance. It carries a high fireproof rating, ensuring it can withstand fire incidents and prevent the spread of flames. Additionally, the panel exhibits low smoke emission, minimizing the release of toxic gases in the event of a fire. You can rely on our Phenolic Form Panel to enhance the safety and well-being of occupants in the building.


Energy Efficiency and Airflow Management

Thermal Resistance and Efficient Airflow

Our Phenolic Panel (One Side Steel) contributes to energy-efficient air conditioning systems. It offers excellent thermal resistance, reducing heat transfer and optimizing energy conservation. The panel’s smooth interior surface and precise dimensions facilitate efficient airflow, ensuring minimal air leakage and improved system performance. By choosing our Phenolic Form Board, you can enhance energy efficiency and achieve cost savings in the long run.


For top-quality air duct panels in building air conditioning systems, trust our Phenolic Board (One Side Steel). Its robust construction, high-pressure phenolic resin core, and one-sided steel design ensure exceptional strength, fire resistance, and energy efficiency. Benefit from its reliable performance, fireproof rating, low smoke emission, and enhanced airflow management. Upgrade your air ducts with our Phenolic Panel for optimal performance and energy savings.

Application of Phenolic Panel (One Side Steel):

“Phenolic boards with single-sided steel offer strength and insulation in one. Ideal for industrial and commercial applications, they’re often used in partition walls, fire doors, and specialized ceiling systems. Their steel side ensures robustness, making them a favorite in environments demanding durability and thermal efficiency.”


phenolic panels one side steel
phenolic panels one side steel
Phenolic Panel (One Side Steel)
Phenolic Panel (One Side Steel)
phenolic panel
phenolic panel
phenolic panels
phenolic panels





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