Aluminum Foil Tape

Aluminum Foil Tape

WT’s aluminum foil insulation tape offers unparalleled sealing and insulation capabilities. Our aluminum foil tape is fiberglass-free and made from high-grade aluminum foil, adhesive and release paper.

You can choose acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive or silicone adhesive as the adhesive for your foil faced insulation tape, providing reliable solutions for a variety of applications, from air ducts and HVAC systems to dryer vents and rigid metal panels pipeline. Our UL181 compliance certification ensures the highest quality and performance standards.

Aluminum Foil Insulation Tape Structure And Characteristics


Aluminum Foil Tape


  • Aluminum backing provides excellent reflection of both heat and light.
  • High quality adhesive with strong adhesion and holding power offers permanent sealing and bonding on Foil-Scrim-Kraft Facing joints and seams in HVAC ductwork application.
  • Good aging resistance both indoors and outdoors.
  • Low moisture vapor transmission rate offers excellent sealing and patching performance.

Protects against heat, sparks, slag, and molten metal.

Choose our Aluminum Foil Tape for its exceptional sealing and insulation properties. With a versatile structure, broad temperature range compatibility, and UL181 certification, our foil insulation tape is the trusted choice for HVAC professionals and contractors. Enjoy easy application, long-lasting performance, and peace of mind knowing you use a reliable and compliant product.


  • CUT ROLL: 48 /50mm (2″) / 60 / 63mm (2.5″) / 72 / 75mm (3″) / 96mm /100mm (4″)
  • LOG ROLL: 1200mmx45/50m
  • JUMBO ROLL: 1200mm x1000m/1200m/1350m
  • STORAGE & SHELF LIFE: 12 months when stored at 21℃ (70F) /50% relative humidity out of direct sunlight.


1.The data above are typical values only, and should not be used for specifications purpose.
2.Tolerance: Weight and Thickness: ±10%; Width: ±3mm; Length: Cut Roll: ±0.3m, Jumbo Roll ±0.5%.

Applications Of Foil Insulation Tape

Connection of pipelines such as the pipelines of computer monitors,computerperipherals wir and transformer manufacturing,central air conditioning pipe,smokemachine,refrigerator ,water heater,etc olsolated electromagnetic interference during the transmission of wire,cable,precision electronicproducts,computer equipment and other high-frequency equipment.To prevent the high temperature spontaneous combustion.Besides,lt has a positive effect onelectrostatic discharge after the ground.


  • Heat transfer of electronic industry
  • Aerospace and automotive manufacturing industry
  • Refrigerator industry
  • Air duct wrap and duct seal
  • Electronics industry
  • Refrigerator and other refrigerationindustry
  • Cold steam pipe wrap
  • Duct sealing.

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