Aluminum Tape

Aluminum Tape

Prevents Moisture Build-Up And Radiates Heat And Light

WT offers a selection of UL181-certified aluminum tapes, including specialized sealing, duct, and wiring harness tapes, designed for professional applications in HVAC, aerospace, and automotive industries.

Crafted with high-strength aluminum foil and release paper, our tapes feature an acrylic or silicone adhesive for superior fire, moisture, and chemical resistance.

As a professional aluminum tape manufacturer, WT provides customizable options for aluminum foil thickness, release paper type, adhesive variety, and tape dimensions to ensure optimal fire resistance and performance tailored to your specific needs.


Certification: WT aluminum foil tape holds UL181 and UL723 certifications, essential for HVAC tape in sealing ductwork and optimizing energy efficiency.

Variety: WT offers diverse aluminum duct tape options, including grid and fiberglass-reinforced varieties, for multiple industrial uses.

Adhesives: WT’s heat duct tape features adhesives tailored for lasting bonds across conditions, with acrylic options resisting temperature changes and silicone variants suited for high heat.

Flame Retardant: WT’s flame-retardant aluminum tape increases safety in areas at risk of fire.

Composition: WT ductwork tape combines aluminum and PE films for enhanced reflectivity, improving color vibrancy and light reflection.

Colors: WT presents aluminum tape in silver, gold, and black, with custom colors available for specific design needs.

Thermal Insulation: WT foil duct tape stands out in thermal insulation, ideal for HVAC applications.

Temperature Resistance: WT’s HVAC tape withstands up to 550℃ and resists weak acids and alkalis.

Durability: WT aluminum foil tape, resistant to moisture, UV, and chemicals, flame retardant, sustains over 15 years of use in tough environments.

Performance: WT aluminum duct tape ensures excellent insulation against moisture and vapor, provides a robust seal against bacteria and insects, preserving surface integrity.hvac foil tape

Sealing, high temperature resistance, waterproof, strong adhesion

Application of WT Aluminum Tape

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Duct Sealing:
WT HVAC duct tape is perfect for sealing HVAC ductwork, preventing air leaks, and boosting energy efficiency.

Thermal Insulation:
WT air duct tape wraps pipes and insulates surfaces across applications, offering superior thermal protection.

Heat Shielding:
In automotive and aerospace sectors, WT ac duct tape acts as a heat shield, safeguarding components from extreme heat.

Metal Repair:
WT tape provides a fast, reliable fix for temporary metal surface repairs.

Reflective Insulation:
Used in construction, WT heat duct tape creates reflective barriers for improved insulation in walls and attics.

Electrical Conduction:
WT ac duct tape is ideal for electrical shielding and grounding, mitigating electromagnetic interference.

Joint and Seam Bonding:
WT duct sealing tape ensures strong, lasting joints and seams in metal fabrication.

Industries Utilizing WT Metal Foil Tape:

HVAC and Construction:
Employed extensively in HVAC for duct sealing and insulation, and in construction for thermal and reflective insulation.

Automotive and Aerospace:
Essential for automotive heat shielding and aerospace thermal insulation.

Metal Fabrication:
WT tape for metal duct bonds joints and seams, ensuring enduring connections.

Electrical and Electronics:
Prevents interference in electrical and electronics industries through effective shielding and grounding.

Marine and Shipbuilding:
Resists moisture and corrosion in marine applications, sealing joints and seams effectively.

Manufacturing and Repair:
Versatile in manufacturing and for temporary metal repairs, WT sealing tape offers adhesive strength and durability.

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