HVAC Duct Board (Double Sided Aluminum Foil)

Product Specifications:

Test itemstechnical indicatorsTest itemstechnical indicators
regular thickness20mm,25mm,30mm(customizable)tensile strength≥1.1Mpa
Length/Width (mm)2000×1200,3000×1200,4000×1200 (customizable)Leakage≤1.2%
Aluminum foil thickness (mm)0.025, 0.04,0.06, 0.08thermal resistance0.86m2K/W
Core Density50-65 Kg/m3smoke concentration≤9, no toxic gas release
water absorption≤3.7%Dimensional stability≤2% (70±2°C,48h)
Thermal Conductivity0.019-0.02W (m/K)Oxygen Index≥45
heat resistance-150℃~150℃Fire resistance time>1.5h
airflow15M/sFormaldehyde emission≤0.5Mg/L
Compressive strength≥0.18MPaFire-proof levelA

Advanced Insulation Technology

Thermal Efficiency

The HVAC Duct Board (Double Sided Aluminum Foil) incorporates advanced insulation technology to maximize thermal efficiency. Its high-density core with low thermal conductivity minimizes heat transfer, ensuring that conditioned air remains at the desired temperature throughout the HVAC system. The double-sided aluminum foil enhances insulation properties, reducing energy loss and improving overall system efficiency.

Enhanced Fire Protection

Flame Retardant Properties

Safety is a top priority in HVAC systems, and our duct board meets rigorous fire protection standards. With a flame retardant rating of B1 class (GB8624-2006), it offers enhanced fire resistance, minimizing the risk of fire propagation. The nonflammable B1 class rating ensures building occupants’ safety and property preservation.

Durable and Reliable

Long-Lasting Performance

Our HVAC Duct Board (Double Sided Aluminum Foil) is engineered for durability and reliability. The board’s high-density composition provides excellent strength, allowing it to withstand pressure, bending, and compression. Its water-resistant properties ensure long-term performance, reducing the risk of degradation due to moisture. The duct board’s superior bonding strength guarantees a secure and lasting installation.

Elevate the efficiency and safety of your HVAC installations with our phenolic Board (Double Sided Aluminum Foil). Enjoy superior thermal insulation, reduced energy consumption, and enhanced fire protection. Benefit from its durable construction, reliable performance, and ease of installation. Choose our HVAC Duct Board for outstanding air duct insulation in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Application of HVAC Duct Board (Double Sided Aluminum Foil):

Commercial Buildings,Residential Developments,Industrial Facilities,Healthcare Facilities,Data Centers,Gyms & Recreational Centers,Public Transportation Terminals,Clean Rooms & Laboratories,The Double-Sided Aluminum Foil enhances the board’s moisture resistance, reflectivity, and overall durability, making it ideal for these varied applications.


duct board hvac
duct board hvac
HVAC Duct Board (Double Sided Aluminum Foil)
HVAC Duct Board (Double Sided Aluminum Foil)
Phenolic foam with both side aluminum foil
Phenolic foam with both side aluminum foil


hvac duct board insulation
hvac duct board insulation


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