Phenolic Foam Board With Fiberglass

A Phenolic foam board with Fiberglass is a type of wall panel used in construction and interior design. It typically consists of a core material made from phenolic foam insulation, which is known for its excellent thermal insulation properties and fire resistance.

The surface of this panel is covered with a layer of glass fiber mat material, which provides several benefits:

Aesthetic Appeal: The glass fiber mat surface adds an attractive and textured appearance to the wall panel, making it suitable for interior design in various settings.

Acoustic Properties: Glass fiber mat is known for its sound-absorbing qualities, so the glass mat surface can contribute to improved acoustic performance within a room or space.

Tactile Sensation: Glass fiber mat has a soft and tactile texture, which can enhance the tactile experience when touched, making it suitable for applications where a softer surface is desired.

Additional Insulation: The glass fiber mat layer can provide an extra layer of insulation, further enhancing the panel’s overall thermal performance.

Durability: Glass fiber mat is a durable material that can withstand wear and tear, making it suitable for applications where the wall panel may be subject to contact or impact.

These glass fiber mat surface phenolic wall panels are commonly used in interior spaces like offices, commercial buildings, schools, and even residential settings where both insulation and aesthetic considerations are important. They offer a combination of thermal insulation, fire resistance, acoustic performance, and visual appeal.



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