Phenolic Exterior Wall Panels

Phenolic exterior wall panels offer a comprehensive solution for building exteriors, combining exceptional fire resistance, thermal insulation, and durability. These highly durable panels, composed of a phenolic foam core and aluminum foil surface, provide various benefits for commercial and residential applications. With their environmentally responsible properties and attachment systems, phenolic wall panel are ideal for exterior applications where safety, energy efficiency, and aesthetics are paramount.

Product Specifications:

Test itemstechnical indicatorsTest itemstechnical indicators
regular thickness30-220mmtensile strength≥1.1Mpa
Length/Width (mm)2000×1200,3000×1200,4000×1200 (customizable)Leakage≤1.2%
Aluminum foil thickness (mm)0.025, 0.04,0.06, 0.08(mm)(customizable)thermal resistance0.86m2K/W
Core Density40-60 Kg/m3smoke concentration≤9, no toxic gas release
water absorption≤3.7%Dimensional stability≤2% (70±2°C,48h)
Thermal Conductivity0.019-0.02W (m/K)Oxygen Index≥45
heat resistance-150°C~150°CFire resistance time>1.5h
airflow15M/sFormaldehyde emission≤0.5Mg/L
Compressive strength≥0.18MPaFire-proof levelA2

Enhance Performance and Aesthetics with Phenolic Insulation

Elevate your building’s exterior performance with phenolic wall panel. Benefit from their superior fire resistance, optimal thermal insulation, and durability. Experience the advantages of environmentally responsible construction while enhancing energy efficiency and aesthetics. Choose phenolic wall panel for highly durable and versatile building solutions that meet the highest safety and performance standards.

Application of Phenolic Exterior Wall Panels:

“Phenolic Exterior Wall Panels revolutionize building facades with their superior thermal properties and aesthetic appeal. Widely used in commercial buildings, skyscrapers, and modern residences, they offer enhanced insulation while lending a sleek, contemporary finish. Their durability ensures lasting protection against the elements.”


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