MGO Wall Board

Product Specifications:

Inspection ItemsTechnology Index
Product nameMagnesium fire-resistant board
Product size1220*2440mm 1220*2400mm 1200*3000mm or customized
Normal thickness8mm、10mm、12mm、14mm、25mm
Fireproof ratingA1
Fire resistance duration60min/120min
Water resistance> 3d, no swelling, no cracking.
Fire integrityNo loss of integrity of specimen for 2.00h test
Weight per square meter10-15kg
compressive strength≥3000PA
Product featuresFire resistance, flame retardancy, compression resistance, good sealing, etc
Operating environmentFirewalls. Partitions.Structural sheathing for wood or metal stud walls.Shower stall tile backer board, etc

Introduction to the World of MGO Wall Boards

Your Trusted MGO Wall Board Factory: Authenticity and Excellence from China

In the vast realm of building materials, one product has consistently risen to meet the needs of builders and architects alike: the magnesium oxide board, commonly known as the MGO board. Here at our esteemed mgo wall board factory, nestled in the heart of China, we take pride in being one of the premier china MGO wall board suppliers, dedicated to producing **mgo board wall solutions that integrate seamlessly with both interior wall and exterior wallapplications.

Collaborate with a Leading Board Supplier

Join hands with us and dive deep into a world where china MGO wall board meets innovation. While many may offer board products, none resonate with the same commitment to excellence and innovation as ours. With our finger on the pulse of the industry’s latest trends and needs, we stand apart as the definitive china mgo wall board suppliers.

A Commitment to Excellence

As pioneers in building materials, we’ve solidified our reputation as a go-to MGO wall board factory. We invite you to explore our diverse range and see firsthand the difference that quality, innovation, and expertise can make.

If it’s unparalleled quality and unmatched resilience you seek, look no further. Your journey with the finest board supplier begins here. Welcome to our world. Welcome to excellence.

Applications of MGO Wall Board:

“MGO Wall Board is a cornerstone of innovative construction. Renowned for its fire-resistance and durability, it’s a top pick for interior and exterior walls in both residential and commercial buildings. Additionally, it’s used in areas demanding high moisture resistance, like bathrooms and basements, ensuring longevity and safety.”


Exterior wall applications
Exterior wall applications
high strength
high strength
Installation diagram
Installation diagram
Sound insulation properties of magnesium panels
Sound insulation properties of magnesium panels
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