MGO Board(Steel Composite)

MGO boards, also known as magnesium oxide boards, are a reliable and fire-resistant building material that offers superior performance in various applications. With their non-combustible A1 class fire rating, these boards provide exceptional fire resistance, making them ideal for exterior cladding, wall construction, and other areas where fire safety is paramount. The incorporation of magnesium oxide and magnesium oxysulfate cement ensures both durability and water resistance, making MGO boards a popular choice for building projects worldwide.

Product Specifications:

Inspection ItemsTechnology Index
Product nameMagnesium fire-resistant board
Product size1220*2440mm 1220*2400mm 1200*3000mm or customized
Normal thickness8mm、10mm、12mm、14mm、25mm
Fireproof ratingA1
Fire resistance duration60min/120min
Water resistance> 3d, no swelling, no cracking.
Fire integrityNo loss of integrity of specimen for 2.00h test
Weight per square meter10-15kg
compressive strength≥3000PA
Product featuresFire resistance, flame retardancy, compression resistance, good sealing, etc
Operating environmentFirewalls. Partitions.Structural sheathing for wood or metal stud walls.Shower stall tile backer board, etc

When it comes to fire safety and durable construction solutions, MGO board stand out as an excellent choice. With their non-combustible A1 class fire rating, exceptional fire resistance, and durability, these boards provide peace of mind while ensuring long-lasting performance. Whether for exterior cladding, mold-resistant walls, or other applications, MGO boards offer a reliable and efficient solution for building projects. Choose MGO boards to enhance fire safety and durability in your construction endeavors.

Application of MGO Board (Steel Composite):

“MGO Board (Steel Composite) is the go-to solution for modern construction needs. Favored in buildings requiring superior fire-resistance and durability, it’s ideal for partition walls, fire-rated doors, and ceilings. With its steel composite, it promises rigidity, making it perfect for industrial and commercial spaces.”


Magnesium fireproof board with color steel
Magnesium fireproof board with color steel
Magnesium fireproof board
Magnesium fireproof board
Steel Composite board
Steel Composite board



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