Fireproof Insulation Board(Steel Composite)

Product Specifications:

Fire resistance time0.5h/1.0h/1.5h/2.0h
Thickness specification10/14/20 mm
Refractory layer materialmagnesium fireproof board (magnesium oxysulfide cement)
Surface materialcorrosion-resistant metal plate
Flange materialangle steel flange
Fire protection gradenon-combustible A1 level
Square meter weight10kg-15kg
Compressive strength≥3000PA

WT’s fireproof insulation board(steel composite) offers a comprehensive solution for improving fire safety, thermal insulation, and sound absorption in various applications. With its fireproof rating, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion properties, high strength, and easy installation, it provides an efficient and reliable option for creating safe and well-insulated spaces. Choose our fireproof insulation board to enhance fire safety and thermal performance in your projects.

Incorporating our fireproof insulation board in your construction projects not only ensures compliance with safety regulations but also offers long-term benefits in terms of energy efficiency, sound insulation, and overall comfort. With its exceptional properties and certifications, our product is a trusted choice for achieving optimal fire protection and thermal performance.

Application of Fireproof Insulation Board (Steel Composite):

“Fireproof Insulation Board (Steel Composite) is a game-changer in construction safety. Predominantly used in high-rise buildings, industrial facilities, and areas prone to fire hazards, it ensures maximum protection. Its steel composite structure provides strength and flame resistance, making interiors safer and more secure.”

Application of exhaust pipe 2
Application of exhaust pipe 2
indoor application
indoor application
Application of exhaust pipe 1
Application of exhaust pipe 1

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