Are Insulation Boards Better Than Rolls?

Comparing insulation boards to rolls, boards promise higher energy efficiency, quicker installation, and better fire safety. Dive into the debate: Are insulation boards truly better than rolls?
foam board insulation

Unlock the Power of Foam Board Insulation for Your Home Improvement Needs

Diving Into the World of Insulation

foam board insulation
foam board insulation

Are Insulation Boards Better Than Rolls?Annually, homeowners in the U.S. account for a staggering 40% of the energy used for heating and cooling purposes. This translates to an estimated $11 billion on energy bills, with around 15% of that lost through poorly insulated walls and roofs. Amidst the vast landscape of home improvement, the significance of insulation comes to the forefront. But, in this complex maze of types of insulation, the challenge lies in selecting the right fit.

The Rise of Foam Board Insulation

insulation batts and rolls
insulation batts and rolls

Enter foam board insulation, a game-changer in the insulation domain. Data from 2020 highlighted that homes insulated with foam board witnessed a whopping 35% reduction in heating and cooling costs compared to traditional insulation methods. While fiberglass batts and insulation batts and rolls have been the common type of insulation for years, foam board offers an impressive R-value of 5-6.5 per inch of thickness. In comparison, fiberglass insulation lingers around an R-value of 2.2 to 2.7 per inch.

This isn’t just about numbers. The type of foam used, be it expanded polystyrene (EPS) or extruded polystyrene, brings additional benefits like enhanced fire resistance. Our uniquely crafted foam boards are infused with radiant barriers such as aluminum foils. These barriers block out a staggering 97% of radiant heat and double up as a vapor barrier, eliminating the additional expenses and labor of a separate house wrap.

Why Choose Foam Board Over Batts or Rolls?

insulation boards
insulation boards

A survey conducted in 2019 showcased that for every 1,000 square feet of insulated area, foam boards could be installed 50% faster than traditional batts or rolls. Beyond speed, consider the efficiency. Traditional insulation methods, due to air pockets, can sometimes reduce the overall insulation efficiency by up to 20%. Foam boards, especially when coupled with sprayed foam insulation, ensure a seamless fit, effectively negating such issues. And while fiberglass batts hold their ground, they often fall short when matched against the fire retardant prowess of foam boards.

Beyond the Common Types

The insulation market is diverse. From blown-in insulation and loose fill insulation derived from natural fibers to cellulose insulation and mineral wool insulations like rock wool, there’s a suitable solution for each scenario. Yet, foam board, when supplemented with open cell foam or other insulating materials, emerges as the frontrunner in terms of efficiency and adaptability.

Our Commitment to Excellence

As an industry titan, we don’t merely follow trends – we set them. Our foam boards aren’t just products; they’re a revolution. Backed by relentless research, avant-garde innovation, and a promise to deliver nothing but the best, we are redefining insulation standards. Each inch of thickness in our foam boards echoes our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence.

Are Insulation Boards Better Than Rolls?WT is a professional manufacturer of exterior wall phenolic insulation boards in China. We welcome you to discuss with us more about the selection of wall insulation materials. You can also go to our product center to learn more about phenolic board products.


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